Free Support

I believe that everyone should have access to the press when a story is newsworthy or in the public interest, whether or not they can afford PR services. As such, I offer free pitching and consultation services to non-commercial ventures. Please be aware that this is a free service that I do on a voluntary basis, and I may not be able to allocate time to your cause.

What can I do for you?

1. Pitching your story

2. Working with you on how to release your story

3. Advice on how you may be received

4. Connecting you to activists, charities and MPs

5. Assisting you in creating an apology or public statement

– What I can help you with

What can’t I help you with?

1. Legal advice

2. Privacy/GDPR concerns

3. Funding or award nominations

4. Interpersonal complaints (divorces, civil issues)

– What I can’t help you with

Please visit the page below to apply for free press support. I will try to respond to you in 5 working days.